Careem is now Offering Mass-Commute Services

Careem has introduced a mass-commute service that provides companies with a tailor-made and cost-effective transportation solution.


In response to the mounting inflation rates plaguing Pakistan, companies and businesses are increasingly turning to mass-commute services as a viable solution for their transportation needs. Careem, a leading ride-hailing company, has recognised this demand and introduced a tailor-made and cost-effective transportation service, providing companies with customised solutions.

In an exclusive interview , General Manager of Careem Pakistan, Muhammad Imran Saleem explained, ā€œGiven the increasing inflationary pressures in Pakistan, companies and businesses are constantly seeking ways to save costs. Careem has introduced a mass-commute service that provides companies with a tailor-made and cost-effective transportation solution.ā€

The mass-commute service offered by Careem focuses on optimising vehicle occupancy through carpooling. By sharing rides, three to four people can travel in a single car, reducing fuel consumption and minimising the overall cost per employee. Additionally, Careem ensures route optimisation, mapping out the most efficient routes to save on fuel costs and minimise travel time.

This service presents a viable alternative for companies instead of providing personal cars to colleagues, resulting in further cost reductions associated with vehicle maintenance and insurance. The trend of carpooling in Pakistan is gaining traction as fuel prices skyrocket, with people increasingly turning to shared transportation options, ranging from carpooling to hiring vans.

While both carpooling and mass-commute services involve ride-sharing, they cater to different customer segments, said Saleem. Carpooling is suitable for smaller groups of people, typically comprising three individuals in one car. On the other hand, mass-commute services, coupled with route optimisation, are ideal for companies seeking to offer transportation options to colleagues residing in the same area.

Saleem emphasised the benefits of the mass-commute service, including door-to-door pickup and drop-off, automated processing, and a dedicated focal person, ensuring a safe, secure, and hassle-free ride from the corporate fleet. Several reputable organisations, including Nestle, Sapphire, Packages Limited, BASF, Sadatech, Acascus, and Repair Desk, are already utilising this service.

Implementing the mass-commute service allows companies to optimise transportation costs, ensure punctual arrivals, and enhance the overall employee experience. It proves particularly advantageous for companies with a large number of employees commuting to centralised office locations, site factories, field offices, or intercity destinations, he said. Airlines, warehouses, and companies organising corporate events can also benefit from this service.

Careemā€™s mass-commute system offers real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring, 24/7 vehicle rentals, dedicated customer support, flexible route customisation, safety measures for employee verification and access control, detailed reporting and analytics for cost management, integration with corporate travel management systems, and exclusive promos and discounts for corporate clients.

Furthermore, intercity rides come with complimentary refreshments, adding an extra touch of convenience for employees during longer journeys, he said.

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With over 820,000 registered captains and more than 12 million registered customers in Pakistan, Careem tailors its services to meet the specific needs of its corporate clientele. Currently serving over 550 companies in Pakistan through its Careem for Business (C4B) services, the company conducts comprehensive consultations to understand transportation requirements, employee commuting patterns, and unique preferences.

Based on this understanding, Careem designs customised solutions that align with corporate policies, budgets, and employee satisfaction goals.

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