Babylicious: ‘A Pretty Delightful Movie’

The long-awaited rom-com flick Babylicious has given out its official trailer, and it is everything its fans hoped for

People are quite impressed by watching Syra and Shahroz together in the picture, Babylicious,  which is set to be released in February 2023. It is quite an amorous and a fairy tile movie displayed  by both the stars.

Despite the fact that many people praised Syra for her professionalism. The preview, which is full of mesmerising dreamy images and a tear-jerker tale for hopeless romantics, comes up to the expectations of fans who have long wished to witness an old-school romance on the big screen again, but with a bit of a twist.

As the two hug one other, we witness a succession of pictures packed with colour and passion. However, as with most love stories, cracks begin to develop in their relationship and reality strikes back, leaving the two lovebirds unhappy. After one of the characters exclaims, “Life is not a Karan Johar movie, wake up!” the drama departs from the fairytale narrative and takes on a new direction.

What’s most fascinating about Babylicious is the well-planned cinematography; it’s the dichotomy between the rich, romantic, and vivid pictures and the dark, dismal lighting that shifts the trailer’s tone from joyful to blue.

Now that Omar has realised his dream love is ended, he tries different humorous theatrics to woo Sabiha back, but they don’t succeed. Instead of successfully wooing her, he hears the dreadful four words that every desi fear. Sabiha adds, “Meri Baat Pakki Hogayi Hai (I’m engaged to someone else),” leaving Omar devastated yet desperate to get her back.

The modern young adult romance has already won over fans, who can’t wait to see their beloved ex-couple reunited on the big screen.

Written by Istafa Ali


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