Are the Beauty Standards Toxic in Pakistan?

Every generation in contemporary culture has a predefined code of beauty that female performers must master in order to survive.

We had no idea that looking gorgeous and ‘perfect’ would become an even more difficult undertaking. And that too both in real life and for the performers we see onscreen.

While celebrities frequently change their appearances to differentiate themselves from their peers, their attempts are futile since they are all altering themselves to attain the same end. Indeed, the beauty standards are quite difficult to acquire for Pakistani actresses.

The present beauty standards in Pakistan derive from our Gora complex; having pale complexion, tall stature, coloured eyes, and a specific body type. However, we sense a tide of change now since there is a lot more awareness of colourism and activism.

Talking about hair, it is the most important feature in your personality. Areeba Farooq, hair colour specialist, also believes that celebrities are reluctant to try new looks, which is what is holding them back. She doesn’t believe that our business favours the long, straight, and smooth hair norm any longer.

Looking younger by the age, a dermatologist is of the review that celebrities typically want two things for beauty. That is, increasing characteristics to get a beautiful side profile and clear glass skin. Nevertheless, with the development of filler injections and other non-surgical procedures it is now not so difficult. It is now possible to get one’s desired result with just a pinch of a needle. At 65, not much is expected from the actors, but to appear young and fit. It’s not only in Pakistan, but to be young is expected of performers all around the world, even if many powerful actors reject it.

Moreover, Ruswai actor claimed that people are picked based on their appearance rather than their abilities. This applies to every age group depicted onscreen. The media always has a set of norms to follow, from casting a younger actor to play a mother’s part to having certain clichés for grandparents.

Written by Istafa Ali


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