Aima Baig famed Qes Ahmed Accused Of Cheating Again

Aima Baig and Qes Ahmed had been the talk of the town after his girlfriend accused both of them for having an affair.

Aima Baig famed Pakistani model Qes Ahmed is once again in trouble after the Taloula Mair accused him of cheating on her with Pakistani actress Nimra Khan.

During a Q&A session on Instagram Taloula Mair was told that Qes Ahmed is dating Pakistani actress Nimra Khan and has even bought her a ring, she said, “I wouldn’t be surprised about it because he was cheating on me with her last year even before Aima Baig and then it was Aima Baig, so it makes sense that he ran back to her, it’s obvious that he had to run back to her as last option and exploit her, although he doesn’t like her, even his family bitches about her”.

According to her most recent Instagram stories, Nimra Khan hasn’t hurt her in any way, “There’s no need to criticize her; just give the girl a break,” she said adding that no one can tell you what to do when you’re in love because you’ll just go ahead and do it.

She described Qes as being toxic while also claiming not to have a problem with Nimra Khan, but in her question-and-answer session, she did warn her about Qes being a poisonous man.

The model Qes Ahmed has been posting Nimra Khan’s pictures and even his posts are being praised and liked by Nimra Khan. Who’s to say, maybe there is some heat between them.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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