Five Indoor Activities to do in Rainy Weather

So, what are some good things to do at home? Especially when it’s raining?

5 Indoor activities to do in Rainy Weather

Even when it’s storming, you can still have fun. Even if you can’t go outside, there are still lots of fun things you can do at home. We have you covered if you are thinking about what to actually do in this specific rainy weather with our activities.

1. Bake a chocolate-filled cookie

Grab a few things from your store, divide it into teams, and see who can make the most unique and tasty dish with what you have. (As a bonus, it might help you get rid of some random things that are taking up space in your freezer or closet.)

A fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies is the best way to cheer up on a rainy day. You can dunk them in milk or eat them (almost) right out of the oven. This is a sure way to stay happy during a storm. Now, if you and your family want to try something different, that’s fine: There are 20 more traditional cookie recipes for you to choose from.

2. Pick up a New Skill

You might not be able to knit a jumper or speak French fluently after one wet day at home, but it’s the perfect time to look for lessons on how to do something you love or have always wanted to try. You can watch movies on YouTube to learn anything from how to make a cake to simple guitar chords, or you can use an app like MasterClass to pay for a full-on class.

3. Have a manicure for yourself

When you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, why not take care of yourself and work on your creativity at the same time? Give your hands a full manicure with a good soak, lots of lotion, and a new piece of nail art.

4. Cozy up with your favorite Book

Reading is good for your mind and helps you relax. In fact, research has shown that people over 50 who read a lot live longer. When the weather report for the week ahead looks bad, keep a stack of your favorite books nearby or grab a book from the library.

5. Take a nap

It’s only normal for humans to feel drowsy on cloudy days, so there’s absolutely no shame in getting some shut-eye. Naps, in point of fact, have been demonstrated to lower levels of tension and exhaustion, increase a person’s level of alertness, and even help them retain information from their memories and react more quickly.

Try out these activities and enjoy this weather to its fullest.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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