What is GPTZero app?

A study discovered that human-authored material is more complicated and uneven than bot-generated stuff.

GPTZero app

At an age when academic malpractice and cheating are on the rise, educators who are reasonably worried about the influence of massive AI models such as the text-generating ChatGPT now have their own AI-detection tool. Edward Tian, a 22-year-old undergraduate student at Princeton University studying computer science and journalism, is the author of the GPTZero app, a free and publicly accessible programme that can determine if a piece of text was produced by a person or machine.

Tian wrote the app’s code earlier in January, after returning home to Toronto, Canada, for the holidays. He originally expected just a few dozen users to use the tool. Nonetheless, GPTZero has garnered considerable attention from major news publications, with the app’s website receiving over 7 million visitors since its introduction.

Tian, who is presently working on his thesis on AI detection, wanted to design something that would assist a broad spectrum of individuals — such as instructors, college admissions officials, or someone reading an internet article — in determining what they could be dealing with.

With the debut of ChatGPT, many people, including students, have used the AI programme to either help or accomplish work. But, an app has recently been launched to check for AI-written material.

GPTZero, created in three days by Edward Tian, leverages ChatGPT against itself to identify AI-generated material.

The online software is intended to determine if a body of text was created by AI or by a human. Tian’s AI plagiarism tool, released in January, was based on analyses from Princeton PhD candidate Sreejan Kumar’s study and the work of Princeton’s Natural Language Processing Group.

Everyone, particularly academics, may use the free tool to check student papers for AI plagiarism. The application’s Terms of Service indicate certain payments for specific features, including a 30-day free trial for new users who register.

Several internet users are disputing the accuracy of GPTZeros, particularly because the creator has stated that the accuracy may not be 100%.

GPTZero may be accessed through its website, where users can input language into the box or submit a file to be evaluated.

The AI software examines the unpredictability of text, known as perplexity, as well as the consistency of this randomness within the text, known as burstiness. AI is constant in its confusion and burstiness, but humans’ writing might change.

ChatGPT has offered a free access tool for users to abuse the service for academics, and a tool like GPTZero app was required to guarantee that the reliance on AI services does not become excessive.




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