UAE has released its first fully Electric Garbage Trucks

Tadweer, located in Abu Dhabi, is going to put the Renault vehicle to work.

With the addition of electric garbage trucks, the UAE is moving closer to its goal of being carbon neutral. Renault Trucks Middle East and Al Masaood have made the first 100% electric garbage truck. Tadweer, an Abu Dhabi company, will use it.

The truck was made by Renault Trucks for Al Masaood after Tadweer and Al Masaood successfully signed a partnership deal at the EcoWaste Exhibition and Conference.

As the first company to start in the area, Renault Trucks E-tech will run a test project to see how well the vehicle works in hot weather and to solve practical problems like putting charging stations along key routes.

Olivier De Saint Meleuc, President of Renault Trucks International, said, “Renault Trucks has a history of offering the best transportation solutions on the market. We’ve been successful because we’re always thinking about what the industry will need in the future.”

“The most important thing to do right now is to stop global warming, and we are happy that our state-of-the-art trucks can meet the global demand for cars with low or no emissions and also help the UAE reach its Net Zero 2050 strategic goal. Thanks to our relationship with Al Masaood, who shares our values and hopes for a zero-carbon future, we are thrilled that we can bring our own idea for electric mobility to the country.

By using these electric trucks, more than 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be taken out of the air each year. Each truck can go up to 200 miles before it needs to be charged again. These UAE electric garbage trucks will have low running costs while keeping their range and volume at their best.

“Tadweer has made a name for itself as a leader in garbage handling and making the world a better place. Ali Al Dhaheri, MD and CEO of Tadweer, said, “The company uses state-of-the-art and modern technologies to make sure it runs well and helps achieve Abu Dhabi’s Environment Vision 2030 and the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 goals.”

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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