PIA Acquires First-ever Flight Simulator for Training Pilots

The simulator is the first of its kind in Pakistan and will be delivered in 2022.

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Pakistan International Airline (PIA) gets the first-ever  PIA Flight Airbus-320 simulator for training pilots from a British company. The state-of-the-art Airbus-320 simulator will enable pilots to train in Pakistan rather than spend an exorbitant amount on pilot training abroad. The simulator is the first of its kind in Pakistan and will be delivered in 2022. By acquiring the Airbus-320 simulator, PIA has just covered a significant milestone.

Flight Simulator

PIA was previously spending a lot of its resources sending the pilots abroad for training. With the arrival of the Airbus-320 simulator, pilots will be trained in Pakistan, which will be cost-effective. The primary purpose of the flight simulator is to train pilots in their own country, offer refresher courses and air safety.


The simulator is designed to support realistic situations; a real cockpit and outside environment are created. The flight simulators are made with accuracy and precision that a student pilot can learn to fly from scratch. The training will be efficient and affordable. A senior aviation official said that training pilots are costly and time-consuming, so a simulator would be an efficient and affordable solution to the looming pilot shortage and training.

Today is a very happy day for PIA and one of our most important projects is coming to an end. PIA used to spend a lot of resources on training its pilots from abroad. The introduction of this simulator in the country will be of great benefit not only to PIA but also to other domestic airlines,” said Air Marshal Arshad Malik.

Air Marshal Arshad Malik

The PIA simulator will be set up in Karachi. Modern technology is fully equipped to assist pilot training in Pakistan. With the Airbus-320 simulator, the training and air safety will be at par with the developed countries. Civil aviation and PIA achieved a significant milestone by acquiring the simulator, enabling pilots to train more efficiently and affordable.

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