Nadra offers Home Services for CNIC registrations

In Karachi, NADRA now processes ID cards at home, with a distinct option for women.

Nadra offers Home Services for CNIC registrations

The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has started home services all over the country to help physically disabled and seriously ill people get registered right at their front door.

NADRA continues to work hard to help the general public get registration services in the most efficient and convenient way possible. In this situation, it is getting ready to take another public-friendly step by offering a new service for people who can’t go to NADRA Centres for a good reason and can’t register at home or at work.

It hopes that the public will like these special home services, which are called “NADRA Biker,” and use them to the fullest. Calling the NADRA Call Centre at (+92 51 111 786 100) will allow applicants to schedule an appointment.

Following the completion of the booking process, a confirmation message including the applicant’s appointment information will be delivered.

The NADRA Registration Executive will pay a visit to the applicant on the motorcycle in accordance with the timetable, bringing the essential registration-related equipment, as well as a customized box and bag.

According to the current Registration Policy, this service will be used to handle the processing of all registration papers that fall under the Urgent and Executive categories.

The applicant will get the Registration Document at their place of residence via a Courier Service delivery.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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