A Motivational story of Pakistan’s Blind Archer Bakhtawar

At the World Games, Bakhtawar聽will make history as the first Asian blind woman to compete in archery.

Blind Archer Bakhtawar

Starting on August 24 at the University of Birmingham arena, Dr. Bakhtawar Khalid Kayani will make history as the first blind lady archer to represent Pakistan in the World Games 2023.

Archery is only beginning to take hold in Pakistan, therefore any progress made in the discipline by blind people is remarkable.

Bakhtawar, a likely V-2 archer, would make history as the first Asian blind lady to compete in the archery-specific Games.

Mohammad Tanvir, the number two male player in the world, has not yet left for the United Kingdom.
Secretary of the Pakistan Archery Federation Zulfikar Butt has stated that Tanvir is very likely to receive his visa by Monday.

According to Zulfikar, Bakhtawar’s exposure to the Games will usher in new developments in sports throughout the country.

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“It’s never easy to get past all the obstacles and get a chance to serve your country at the World Games. I think Bakhtawar and her family deserve credit for making sure she was there,” he said.

“The federation did a little bit to help her get into the Games, which would not have been possible without a lot of hard work to get her in.”

The International Blind Sports Association is putting on the World Games. This would be Bakhtawar’s first chance to compete in a place where she could bring honor to her country in the months and years to come.

Bakhtawar got a silver award with three distinctions when she was a young dental student. This showed how smart she was.

Even though she was in her second year of dental school, her life took a surprising turn when Retinitis Pigmentosa caused her to start losing her sight.

Even though this was a huge problem, her family never stopped supporting her, and she changed her path to work in the development field and then in the public sector.

At the moment, she is working in a private hospital and getting an MBA in hospital services management. During the course of her career, Bakhtawar discovered a new love for shooting.

Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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