Amir Zaki – The Pioneer Of Rock Music In Pakistan

He was one of the greatest guitarists the Pakistani music industry ever had.

He was one of the greatest guitarists the Pakistani music industry ever had. Many of us can’t forget the years 2016 and 2017 as many of the great musicians that we millennials grew up listening to, left us in those two year. Do you also remember waking up every other day to find twitter mourning the death of another one of our favorite musicians. We lost David Bowie, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Junaid Jamshed and so many more.

And it came as a shock because many of them died pretty young or probably because your favorite musicians are like your best friends and you are never ready to bear the loss of a best friend. No matter what point in life it comes at, it leaves you with  deep and forever impending loss that you can never mourn away. Do you still sometimes go to your twitter with the sole purpose of announcing to the world, that you are still mourning the loss of your childhood best friends: the musicians you grew up listening to? But there’s one we remember that was particularly daunting and mournful. I remember I woke up that day in highest of spirits only to find a message from a twitter friend, announcing, that Amir Zaki is no more.

We both were in shock and deeply angry at heavens. We both concluded that the universe wanted heavens to sound more beautiful than our chaotic little world. I am sure it does. At least some of us are going to spend a whole eternity with music that holds the power to mend or melt your soul.

Amir Zaki was a purely gifted artist. When he released his first English album, it wasn’t recieved as well in Pakistan as it was in English speaking countries. He is believed to be a pioneer of Rock music in our country. His collaborations with the legendary Vital Signs and Alamgir earned him an unforgettable place in the Pakistani music industry and from then on his cult like following

grew at a rapid pace. He first album was in English but it was his urdu single ” Mera piyar tum hi ho” that won the whole country over. Everyone was singing it back in the 90’s and many years later, upon his passing, the heartbreakingly beautiful track was playing again in every nook and corner. That’s just how great the power of his music is. And though he is gone, his legacy lives through his music. We are probably never getting over Amir Zaki, not in this lifetime at least. And if there are any parallel universes out there, we hold him dear in every single one of them.

And for those of you who haven’t indulged in his guitar playing skills, we would suggest you to go and discover a world of pure musical bliss in his beautiful instrumentals. “The day she left” is on top of the list.

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Written by Shaheer Ahmed


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