With a 78% victory rate, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 leads the BBC poll as the “greatest World Cup this century.”

A poll conducted by BBC Sport has concluded the FIFA World Cup in Qatar as the ‘best World Cup this century’.

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The 22nd World Cup, which was up against the 2002–2018 iterations of football’s premier event, received 78% of the votes. The other variants, meanwhile, received votes in the range of 3% (in South Africa in 2010) and 6% (in Japan/South Korea in 2002).

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar had several incredible upsets and startling surprises, which were highlighted in the poll as the tournament’s most memorable moments.

The BBC also highlighted Lionel Messi’s achievement in leading Argentina to victory by defeating France in a thrilling 3-3 Final on December 18, which also happened to be Qatar National Day. Despite France’s second-place finish, Kylian Mbappe added another achievement to his resume by becoming the second player, behind Sir Geoff.

With Morocco’s amazing performance in the competition—which saw it become the first Arab and African team to reach the semi-finals—Qatar is seen as a “World Cup of shocks.”

The Samurai Blue’s incredible victories over Germany and Spain also allude to Japan’s brighter future and more powerful tournament comeback.

The most astounding victory of them all, however, came when Saudi Arabia defeated eventual champions Argentina. This result sparked a “Where is Messi?” fad that enraged social media users all around the world.

As Qatar lived up to expectations as the host of the first World Cup in the Arab world and the Middle East, memorable moments were also created off the playing fields of its stadiums. It has received praise for its safety ever since it ended.

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For the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, more than 1.4 million spectators from around the world came to the nation. Many thousands of spectators in Qatar took advantage of the event’s condensed schedule by attending more than one match each day, which was unprecedented in the tournament’s modern history.

Written by Istafa Ali


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