Which Sinf-e-Aahan character are you?

Sinf-e-Aahan is all praises by the audience. From the strong storyline to acting skills, the entire drama is a sight for sore eyes. The idea of a stellar all-female cast going through the grind of military training on the silver screen somehow ticked all the boxes for these ladies when it came to entertainment.

Do you want to know which strong-headed Sinf-e-Aahan woman are you? Try our Quiz.

  • Question of

    Q. What is more important to you?

    • 1. Family
    • 2. Career
    • 3. Self-respect
    • 4. Personal ego
    • 5. Personal achievements
  • Question of

    Q. What is your biggest fear?

    • 1. Height phobia
    • 2. Family’s honour
    • 3. How you look in public
    • 4. Fear of rejection
    • 5. Your parents
  • Question of

    Q. How would you classify your personality?

    • 1. Sweet/ Caring/ Friendly
    • 2. Helpful/ Talkative/ Cooperative
    • 3. Introvert/ Quiet/ Shy
    • 4. Blunt/ Egoistic/ Bold
    • 5. Brave/ Determined/ Focused
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    Q. Who do you think is the most supportive of you?

    • 1. A caring friend
    • 2. Your brother
    • 3. Your father
    • 4. Your sister
    • 5. Entire family

Written by Mahnoor Luqman


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