Are you a Chai or a Coffee person?

Chai or Coffee? The most frequently asked question is whether you’re visiting someone or sitting with friends at a cafeteria. You are either a chai lover whose day is sad and gloomy without a strong cup or a coffee person for whom It all starts with a NESCAFE.

Take our quiz to see which one are you!

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    Q. Do you like to meditate?

    • 1. I try to meditate as much as I can
    • 2. I meditate all the time
    • 3. I have tried, but it is hard to sit still
    • 4. Who has time for that?
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    Q. Where are you most likely to enjoy your drink?

    • 1. On the couch with a blanket
    • 2. On the floor next to an open fire
    • 3. At a coffee shop
    • 4. Outdoors, while enjoying a smoke
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    Q. Which drink do you like to have in your breakfast?

    • 1. Fresh juice
    • 2. Eggs
    • 3. Cereal
    • 4. Raat ka bacha hua khana
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    Q. Are you a calm or a hyper person?

    • 1. Pretty calm
    • 2. Hyper and very talkative
    • 3. Depends on my mood
    • 4. Never Noticed
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    Q. What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

    • 1. Shower
    • 2. Get dressed
    • 3. Turn on the coffee machine
    • 4. Turn on the kettle
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    Q. How often do you get restless?

    • 1. Hardly ever
    • 2. Never
    • 3. Sometimes
    • 4. All the time

Written by Mahnoor Luqman


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