Are You A Burger Or A Bun Kabab?

The Burger and Bun Kabab debate has been going on for a long time. We’ve all heard or said “Yar kitne burger ho tum,” at least once. Someone who is pampered and seems to be more westernized than a common man is termed as Burger while someone who is very desi through and through is called a Bun Kabab. You could also be a mixture of the two!

Take our fun quiz and find out whether you’re a Burger or a Bun Kabab?





  • Question of

    Q. What is your take on Halwa puri?

    • Eww too oily
    • All day, Any day
    • Every Sunday morning
    • Nope. Too heavy for me
  • Question of

    Q. What is your go-to place with friends?

    • Dhabay ki chai 50 rupay wali
    • Wherever you get Paye, Nihari, Karahi
    • Malls, because food and shopping under one roof, why not!
    • Somewhere cozy for steaks and coffee
  • Question of

    Q. What is your go-to summer drink?

    • Lassi jani, always lassi
    • Thanda Thanda Rooh-Afza
    • Fresh Neemopani
    • Mint-Margarita
  • Question of

    Q. Your evening teatime snack?

    • Garma-Garam Jalebi
    • Thailay ki Samosa Chaat
    • Fries and biscuits
    • Anything except fried food, I’m on a diet
  • Question of

    Q. How did you spend your new year’s night?

    • Apney Boyss kay saath partyy
    • Chatth pe fireworks
    • A well-spent evening with friends
    • Stayed in bed, it was too cold!!
  • Question of

    Q. Your ideal drive-by playlist would contain:

    • Bohemia, Imran Khan, Abrar ul Haq
    • Kanye, Nikki, Ed Sheeran
    • Lil Wayne, Eminem, DJ Khalid
    • Nescafe Basement, Coke Studio
    • I’m more of a Deep house and EDM kinda person

Written by Mahnoor Luqman


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